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Babysitter Rates / Prices

In-Home Base Babysitting Rate
1 child $15/hour
2 children $16/hour
3 children $17/hour
4 children $18/hour
Twins under 3 $17/hour
Triplets under 3 $18/hour
In Addition to Base Babysitting Rate
Guests +$2/hour
   per guest
Sick child +$2/hour
Hotels +$3/hour
Hours After 1AM +$3/hour
Holidays including: +$3/hour
Easter, Memorial Day,
Independance Day,
Labor Day, Thanksgiving,
Christmas Eve & Day,
New Year's Eve (after 5pm),
New Year's Day
Overnight Babysitting Rate
(based on 24 hours)
1 child $200
2 children $220
3 children $240
4 children $250
Twins under 3 $240
Triplets under 3 $250
Church nursery $15/hour
Group babysitting rate $16/hour
Travel Fee $8.00+
There is an $8.00 minimum travel fee, which covers up to a 20-mile round-trip from the babysitter’s home to the client’s home.
25 cents per mile is charged above the 20 miles, up to a maximum fee of $12.

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Babysitter Cancellation Policy

Austin, TX Baby Sitter Service

If you cancel the babysitter within 24 hours of a booked appointment, there is a $50 fee which must be paid to the babysitter. Likewise, if we must cancel your appointment and provide less than 24 hours notice, your next 4-hour babysitting job will be free.

Babysitting Service Policies

Please be advised of these important agency policies:

  1. There is a $50 cancellation fee if a confirmed babysitter is cancelled by the client with less than 24 hours notice. Likewise, if we have to cancel your babysitter with less than 24 hours notice to you, we will provide a 4-hour credit to your account.
  2. All returned checks will be assessed a $30 fee, payable to the babysitter.
  3. Please remember to book all babysitting services through the agency, not the individual babysitter. It is perfectly fine to ask her availability, as long as the agency is informed of the job so we don't schedule her for other jobs.